Transforming Tresillian Wollstonecraft

The Project

The redevelopment of Tresillian’s Wollstonecraft Family Care Centre will mark a new era in the delivery of quality care, education, advice and support for parents, their babies, toddlers and families.

A Snapshot of Tresillian's Social Impact

Tresillian has appointed builder HPAC to undertake renovations to Historic Carpenter House and construction of a new building at the rear. The new building will accommodate a 14-bed in-patient facility operating 7 days a week and expanded day services, education and counselling services for new parents.

The project will cost an estimated $16.4m and once complete, will enable thousands of parents, babies and families throughout Sydney and New South Wales to access Tresillian’s valuable early parenting support services including issues such as an unsettled baby, breastfeeding and postnatal depression and anxiety. We are incredibly grateful to the NSW Government, generous donors, and community partners for their support.

The redevelopment has North Sydney Council and NSW Government approval and is expected to be completed by mid-2023. Builder, HPAC, is experienced in delivering major projects of this size and scale and will work closely with Tresillian and Project Managers, MostynCopper to ensure the construction works are delivered with minimal disruption.

Donate to the Wollstonecraft Redevelopment

Tresillian is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision to ensure every child has the best possible start in life. The redevelopment of Tresillian’s Wollstonecraft site will provide more parents with more services and more support to help realise this vision. Please help Tresillian raise $5m for their Tresillian Wollstonecraft redevelopment and leave a lasting legacy for not only your family but generations to come.

Wollstonecraft Project Timeline​

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Early Works: Completed
Main Site Works: Commenced 17 November 2021
Building Structure formed for Level 1, 2 and 3: Completed

Drainage Works at Lower Ground Level.

Level 3 Formwork Soffit.

Carpenter House Restoration Works: Completed

Carpenter House Balcony Heritage Works

Balustrade Works to Carpenter House Balcony ( above Main Entry)

Anticipated project completion: Mid-2023

Tresillian will continue to update site neighbours and all stakeholders throughout the construction stages. If you have any construction related enquiries please contact:

Luke Smith, Project Director, MostynCopper on (02) 9241 1699 or 0477 327 260
Kevin Vo, Assistant Project Manager at MostynCopper on (02) 9241 1699 or 0406 331 812

 “The redevelopment of Tresillian’s Wollstonecraft site will provide more parents with more services and more support and delivers on Tresillian’s vision which is to ensure every child has the best possible start in life,” CEO Rob Mills. 

Snapshot of Project Benefits

  • State-of-the-art 14-bed residential in-patient facility operating 7 days a week
  • Additional education and counselling programs for new parents
  • Expanded day services for parents, their baby or toddler
  • Upgrades for Guthrie Early Learning Centre


  • Why is Tresillian redeveloping 25 Shirley Road Wollstonecraft?

    To provide parents with babies, toddlers and their families with state-of-the-art facilities including a new 14 bed residential unit that will operate 7 days a week. The new Centre will enable parents and their baby or toddler to live in for a 4 night/5 day period to receive specialist advice and support. The redevelopment will provide extra day services to allow more parents and their baby or toddler to attend along with expanded education and counselling programs. The Guthrie Early Learning Centre will also benefit from upgrades including improved playground equipment. Historic Carpenter House will be renovated and the original façade will be reinstated.

  • How much will the redevelopment cost?

    Approx. $16.4m

  • How is the redevelopment being funded?

    The redevelopment is being funded through the combination of a NSW Government funding grant of $500,000, corporate sector donations, philanthropists, Tresillian fundraising activities and some of the proceeds from the sale of Tresillian’s Willoughby site.

  • Does the redevelopment have Council approval?

    Yes, North Sydney Council and the NSW Government have approved the project.

  • Will the Tresillian Centre close for the redevelopment?

    No. The redevelopment will be undertaken in stages. This approach will minimise any disruption to Tresillian clients and staff and Guthrie Early Learning Centre clients. Safety throughout the redevelopment is a key priority and Tresillian will continue to inform and update all stakeholders as the project progresses

  • Will the Guthrie Early Learning Centre close during the redevelopment?

    No. Guthrie Early Learning Centre will continue to operate throughout the redevelopment.

  • How will traffic be managed during construction?

    Neighbours will be informed of any changes to road access or parking during the redevelopment.

  • Where will construction workers park?

    Where possible, construction workers will be encouraged to catch public transport. Those who need to drive and bring their equipment to the site will need to respect street parking availability and time limits.

  • Has a construction certificate been issued for the works?

    Yes, Construction Certificate No. 210315/02 for the Main Works, was granted on 8 December 2021.

  • How long will site excavation take?

    Excavation will be undertaken at specific stages during January to April 2022. A timeline will be included in each community newsletter outlining the estimated duration of excavation works. Please note that timelines for excavation works are approximate and subject to change for a variety of reasons including if it is unsafe or unreasonable for the works to continue due to unsuitable weather conditions.

  • How will construction noise be managed?

    HPAC is adhering to the project’s Construction Noise Management Plan as required in Condition 31 of Development Consent 326/17. During excavation works, HPAC will be using a combination of excavators ranging in size from small to large. Where possible, a large excavator will be used to help minimise the need to use rock hammers. This approach will help to reduce noise and the timeframe in which excavation works will be completed. Smaller excavators will be used as required to access restricted or tight site areas. Other noise management strategies include: - All excavation equipment will be fitted with sound attenuation mufflers - Machines will be turned off when not in use - Acoustic monitoring equipment will be utilised during excavation to log acoustic levels - HPAC will implement a ‘no loud radios policy’ on site - HPAC will monitor and address issues quickly if workers are found to be unnecessarily yelling, singing or using inappropriate language on site - All works will be delivered in accordance with North Sydney Council approved construction hours

  • What are the North Sydney Council DA approved construction hours?

    General Construction Works: 7am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm Saturdays; Demolition and Excavation Works: 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday

  • Who can I contact about noise, dust and vibration levels?

    HPAC Project Manager – Daniel Tooth (02) 8021 9966 or 0439 060 481 or Luke Smith, Project Director, MostynCopper on (02) 9241 1699 or 0477 327 260 Email: Kevin Vo, Assistant Project Manager at MostynCopper on (02) 9241 1699 or 0406 331 812 Email:

  • How will excavation dust be managed?

    As required in Development Consent 326/17, the following items will be implemented to minimise dust: Materials will not be burnt on the site; Vehicles entering and leaving the site with soil or fill material will be covered; Dust suppression measures such as periodic water spraying, will be implemented to minimise wind-borne emissions. Hoardings and scaffold have also been installed around the construction site with shade cloth affixed to the scaffold to mitigate dust and provide privacy to neighbours. Odour suppression measures will be carried out as appropriate to minimise any impact to adjoining properties.

  • How will vibrations arising from construction be managed?

    All works will be undertaken in accordance with the ‘Interim Construction Noise Guideline’ published by the NSW Environment Protection Authority, to ensure excessive levels of noise and vibration are mitigated. HPAC will check vibration monitors as required and in accordance with the Construction Noise Management Plan which was prepared in accordance with DA Condition 326/17.

  • Will neighbours be relocated during excavation or demolition works?

    No. All construction works will be delivered in accordance with the approved Development Consent 326/17 and in line with North Sydney Council’s permitted construction hours.

  • How will noise to the Guthrie Centre be managed during excavation and demolition works?

    To support the children’s nap time at Guthrie Early Learning Centre, HPAC may implement quiet work periods between 12.30pm and 2pm Monday to Friday as required and agreed with the Guthrie Manager. These quiet times are an initiative of HPAC and Tresillian and not a Council DA condition of consent.

  • What will happen if asbestos is discovered?

    Removal will be undertaken by an accredited, SafeWork NSW licensed company by staff trained in safe asbestos removal and compliant with current asbestos removal legislation. Any removal works will proceed under strict controls and pose no risk to the health, safety and welfare of site personnel, neighbours and the environment.