Tresillian Wollstonecraft Development

Our Vision

The Transformation of Tresillian Wollstonecraft into a State-of-the-Art Early Parenting Facility.

The Masterplan

Tresillian is excited to announce the commencement of the re-development of our Family Care Centre at 25 Shirley Road, Wollstonecraft.

The upgrade will ensure that the physical environment of the Centre supports our Vision that ‘All expectant families and those with infants and young children across Australia, will have access to parenting advice, support and care which will enable them to raise their children with confidence within their own cultural context and values’.

In 2018 Tresillian marked its 100th Anniversary of its service delivery to the families of New South Wales. This project represents our commitment to responding to the changing needs of families.

The Project

The project is expected to cost $16.4M and can best be described in two parts - a new building and a renovation.

A new state of the art building will be erected behind the historic Carpenter House. Designed to complement the local streetscape and architecture of Carpenter House, the new building will include residential in-patient facilities, day services and small group areas for parents and babies.

Renovations to Carpenter House will restore the historic house to its former glory and make the building safe for its ongoing use as office and administrative space. The Guthrie Early Learning Centre will remain onsite and benefit from new playgrounds, and a new kitchen.

Once completed, the new Tresillian Wollstonecraft facility will enable more parents and babies, from across New South Wales, to access Tresillian’s vital early parenting services.

Early Works

Early works commenced earlier this year and included the removal of the more recent additions to Carpenter House.

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Our goal is to raise $3M for the Tresillian Re-development Project! If you or your family would like to leave a lasting legacy.

Key Questions & Answers

1. Why is Tresillian undertaking re-developing its Wollstonecraft Centre?

The re-development is about ensuring that Tresillian continues to respond to a changing needs of families with a baby or young child. The new facility will include both day and residential services for parents and babies, more versatile indoor and outdoor places for parents to gather, beautiful landscapes and enhanced accessibility.

The facility will accommodate families from all over New South Wales experiencing complex parenting challenges.

2. Community Consultation

The community consultation planning process was conducted over several years.

The innovative design was the subject of extensive consultation between Tresillian’s nursing and allied health staff, families, local residents, health professionals and management. As a result of this consultation, there were several amendments made to the original design which will include accessible walkways connecting Guthrie Early Learning Centre to Tresillian’s residential and day services facilities.

A priority of the project has been to retain the natural beauty of the area preserving the natural landscape that sits behind the site for families to enjoy well into the future.

4. When is the project likely to begin?

Phase one of the re-development has commenced and regular updates can be found on this website.

5. The History

Tresillian has been located at the Wollstonecraft facility since 1940. Sir Walter and Lady Carpenter bequeathed the site to Tresillian with one thousands pounds! The historic building was then named ‘Carpenter House’ as a tribute to their legacy. The architectural design has made a significant effort to respect the existing heritage nature of Carpenter House.

6. Accessibility

The Centre will be accessible to all including those visiting from regional areas of NSW who can park on site, and families with disabilities.