Anna's Story

At Tresillian, we’ve seen an unprecedented demand for our early parenting services during COVID-19 with many new parents experiencing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, due to stress and overwhelming feelings of isolation. 

To offer support and reassurance to families, Tresillian Centres including in-patient services, have remained open. 

Take Baulkham Hills mother Anna, who gave birth to Alice in early 2021.   Anna said, ‘I’ve missed all the exciting parts of having a new baby like introducing my family to our baby, especially as Alice is the first grandchild, it’s been devastating’.

‘It’s made me feel so sad, I’ve missed joining a Mother’s Group and connecting with other Mums’, she explained. Anna says it also hasn’t helped that Alice who’s now 6 months old, has slept no more than four hours at a time, since birth however she was reluctant to seek help earlier because of the pandemic. 

‘Alice would only sleep if she was held, so my husband and I took shifts!.  She said it’s taken its toll leaving them both, totally exhausted.  Desperate for sleep, Anna was referred to Tresillian Residential where the nursing staff gave her strategies to help her baby sleep through the night and confidence.  She added ‘There was such great support from staff. At Tresillian. We found the experience incredibly worthwhile. Thank you!’