Katherine's Story

Katherine and her bub Owen, visited Tresillian Nepean in October and took a moment to tell us a little about her experience from the moment she decided to reach out to Tresillian for assistance to how her and Owen are doing now.


Here is Katherine’s story...

1. How were you feeling when you first contacted Tresillian?

Very apprehensive, exhausted and overwhelmed. When Tresillian Nepean contacted me to arrange check-in I nearly pulled out as the mere thought of leaving the house with my baby was intimidating.

 2. Tell us about what you experienced during your stay?

During my stay I experienced an introductory and observation period. Where I was settled in by the staff, orientated to the unit and was introduced to other staff and residents. I was asked about what my goals were for the duration of the stay for myself and baby and spent time discussing and working together with staff to achieve those. I experienced a relaxed environment in which mothers, fathers and children would support each other and find common ground in their parenting journey. And finally, I experienced practical learning alongside staff (particularly during the evenings) with the view to helping my baby settle and sleep effectively.

3. How has your stay helped you and your baby?

My stay at Tresillian Nepean has completely changed our family life. I now have the knowledge and tools to settle my baby. I know how to meet his needs effectively and to act and respond appropriately to his cues with confidence.

4. How are you and bub doing now?

 We have continued to abide by what we learned at Tresillian and have implemented the techniques as closely as possible in our home environment. My 5 month old is now sleeping well and happy during the day!

5. What is the most memorable thing about your stay at Tresillian Nepean?

The most memorable thing about my stay was the unwavering emotional support I received from staff during my stay. It was invaluable!

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