Laura's Story

To the amazing staff at Tresillian’s Nepean.

How can we find the words to say thank you? Our lives have been changed since we had a residential stay from November 9th.

My husband and I are both health professionals, in the paediatric field, so we were very apprehensive about seeking help. We felt as if we should know how to settle our daughter, as we have spent years treating and looking after other people’s children. From the moment we arrived at Tresillains- our fears were alleviated.

The staff were caring, friendly and professional. Our daughter went from waking hourly overnight, with multiple comfort feeds. To sleeping soundly and waking 4th hourly for feeds. We feel more confident in our settling techniques and responding to our daughter’s cues.

We are different people! Our quality of life has improved immeasurably. In particular we have Phil and Tania to thank for this. They were our main nurses working every day during our stay. Their dedication and support was incredible. I cannot thank them enough for all they taught us. For the first time in the 7 months of parenthood, I feel confident in my abilities and these two are to thank for this.

Thank you so much, we are eternally thankful.

From two well rested, sane parents, and our happy little girl.

James, Laura & Zoe Harrison