Stevie's Story

“I learnt I don’t have to pretend everything is ok”

Stevie – Tresillian Lismore

I went to Tresillian Lismore when Zac was 3 months. He wasn’t a great sleeper and we thought he might have reflux. Every time he’d wake up overnight, I’d just bring him into our bed so we all could get some sleep.

When I got to Tresillian, it was so nice to be able to talk to the nurses about the issues we were having. I think what was most helpful was learning about his tired signs. I found out about his different cries and worked out when to put him to sleep when he was tired rather than dragging him out.

I was able to coincide my Tresillian stay with a visit to a psychologist and have been diagnosed with postnatal depression. Since my original day stay, I’ve been back to Tresillian a few times to see the psychologist which has been so helpful. I’ve been on medication for about 5 months and although I have good days and bad days, I generally feel so much better.

On the last visit, I joined a Mother’s Group of other women who had also visited Tresillian at one time or another. They’ve all had feeding or sleeping issues with their baby and talking to them has really put me at ease and helped me to not pretend everything is ok.

I think what I’ve learnt most is that us mums try to put on a happy parent act even when things behind the scenes aren’t exactly perfect.

It’s so important to open up and break the cycle - we need to talk about problems with early parenthood and issues like post natal depression.

My best advice for new mums is to not put pressure on yourself when you’re not getting much sleep. As mums, we try to be perfect but it’s really hard when everything crashes down and you feel you’re the only one with problems. If you don’t open up to other mums, you’re holding all those bad thoughts and guilt to yourself.