Self Referral to Tresillian


How can I ‘Self Refer’ to Tresillian?

To make it even easier for NSW Families to access Tresillian services and to take the pressure off GP Clinics during COVID-19, parents can now Refer themselves to a Tresillian service by calling the Tresillian Parent’s Help Line on 1300 272 736.

What are the reasons for Self Referral to Tresillian in NSW?

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming and exhausting. Add to that the stresses of self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it means parenting can be even more difficult. Tresillian can help you and your family during this challenging time with:

  • Practical guidance and support on what you can do to help your baby sleep better
  • Feeding your baby - Breastfeeding or bottlefeeding
  • Working out baby’s sleep/feed/play daily rhythm or pattern
  • Toddler behaviour
  • Coping with twins or triplets
  • Self-care – your own emotional health and wellbeing especially during COVID-19

What Tresillian Services are available across NSW?

Telehealth Consultations
Telehealth Virtual Consultations are now available from your phone, tablet or computer with a Tresillian Nurse, Psychologist or Social Worker. To book an appointment call the Tresillian Parent’s Help Line on 1300 272 736.

Day Services
Visit a Tresillian Centre for the morning or afternoon and receive individual advice on your baby. For more details on Day Services and our Centre locations click here. Call our Tresillian Parent’s Help Line to discuss your needs on 1300 272 736.

Residential Services

In metropolitan Sydney, Tresillian has three inpatient Residential Units  located at Willoughby, Canterbury and Nepean and in regional NSW on the Mid North Coast, at Macksville.  Families live in for 4-nights/5-days and receive specialist advice and support with their particular parenting issue.  For more details on Residential Services click here. Call our Tresillian Parent’s Help Line to discuss your needs on 1300 272 736.

In the ACT, a Tresillian residential unit is located at the QEII Family Centre in Curtin.  For information call 1300 272 736.

How much does it cost?

Day Services including Telehealth consultations are free of charge. Residential Services are covered by Medicare and/or your family’s private health fund.

Are Tresillian Centres COVID-19 safe?

Yes. Your Safety and Wellbeing is our TOP PRIORITY!  We would like to assure families that Tresillian is in regular contact with health authorities, ensuring we are taking all steps to minimise the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. This includes screening of all families and staff attending our services each day, strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines and providing a range of options to access for help and support for parents.
View Tresillian’s latest COVID-19 updates here.

On the Spot Advice from Tresillian

The Parent's Help Line Nurses are only a call away, ready to provide a listening ear, helpful advice and to assist you to access the Tresillian service which will best meet your needs. Our experienced and friendly team looks forward to hearing from you. Call our Tresillian Parent’s Help Line on 1300 272 736.