Want to know about starting your baby on solids? Here Tresillian offers tips and advice on signs to look for that baby is ready for solids; whether to chop, mash or puree and what to do if your toddler is a fussy eater.

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Nutrition FAQ's

  • My baby hates 'tummy time', is it important that he does it?

    Regular ‘tummy time’ each day helps to prevent flat or misshapen skull development. This comes about as a result of babies sleeping on their backs in order to help prevent SIDS. Make it fun. At first most babies don’t seem to enjoy being on their tummy. Having Mummy or Daddy there with them will reassure them. Gently talk to them using soothing words and sounds can help calm them. A brightly coloured toy to look up at can also help. Importantly, never leave your baby unattended during tummy time, as all babies are at risk of SIDS if they fall asleep while on their tummy.