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Postnatal Depression & Anxiety

About this course

A 8 week therapeutic group for the treatment of perinatal depression and anxiety. The group is closed and will have 7 mothers attending.

Therapeutic cognitive-based interventions and strategies will assist participants in improving mood; reducing anxiety; further managing adjustment to parenting; improving communication with others including partners; exploring expectations and experiences of parenting for oneself and within a group of mothers; exploring and increasing attachment and connectedness to their infant; and form a support group that will be able to continue after the course has completed.

Midway through the 8 week course a partner's evening will be organised to allow partners to meet and also discuss their experiences of parenting.

A reunion is organized for attending mothers after the conclusion of the group to further monitor progress and change.

The group is closed so participants will always be meeting with the same people and a sense of comfort and safety can be experienced.

This Group is designed to support Mums to explore and learn mindfulness and relaxation practices (including kindness and self-compassion meditations), to manage stress & anxiety and to connect with other mums

Who will benefit from this group?

  • Mothers with children up to 24 months
  • Mothers who are experiencing postnatal stress and/or anxiety of a non-acute nature -

Those interested in attending can self-refer or can be referred by any health professional e.g. GP, Allied Health etc. Acceptance into the group is dependent upon an interview by one of the facilitators either by telephone or face-to-face at Tresillian to ensure the group is appropriate for the individual’s needs.


Please note: All attendees are required to register for this group.

Fees apply to non-Medicare Card holders.

Please note: All participants will need to have a meeting with the facilitator before joining.

Course Details

25 July , 1 August , 8 August , 15 August , 22 August , 29 August , 5 September , 12 September
10am - 12pm


8 places left

Course Enquiry

Course Enquiry

Group Facilitator

Jess Torens


Boambee Easy Community Centre Bruce King Drive Boambee NSW 2452

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