Our reach

  • We have 1,800 Visits per day
  • More than 90,000 Page views per month
  • Over 60% of our visitors are new
  • More than 3 mins is spent on site on average

What are the other benefits?

For close to 100 years Tresillian has been providing Australian Mums and Dads with practical, hands on advice on everything from how to settle a crying baby, to breastfeeding, toddler behaviour and postnatal depression.  By getting behind Tresillian with corporate sponsorship you’re helping our organisation fund projects such as increasing our parenting programs and improving access for parents in remote areas of Australia.

You are aligning your organisation with a trusted brand and demonstrating your commitment to this key demographic of new parents in the 25-45 age group. 

What can I sponsor?

Whether you’re looking for a presence on the Tresillian website or you want to sample your range of products within our Centres, there are many different sponsorship opportunities we can offer your company.

To enquire about becoming a Tresillian corporate sponsor, email us at tresillian@sswahs.nsw.gov.au.

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