More Testimonials

Many of our parents tell us what a positive difference Tresillian has made to them. Some more of their stories are below.

It worked!! And was easier than I imagined!

I cannot thank Tresillian enough for the help and advice that I received. My 7 month old was waking so many times through the night, and needing me to re-settle her. It was a constant struggle and neither of us were getting any sleep. My wellbeing was suffering BIGTIME, and I had already tried so many things. Tresillian listened to our needs and helped me develop a plan. I started as soon as I got off the phone. It worked so quickly! Thankyou for saving my sanity!!! We are so much happier now. Belinda

Fantastic experience with Tresillian Outreach

A Tresillian Nurse visited me at home after I was referred by my local Early Childhood Centre. I was run down and exhausted by an unsettled baby, struggling to interpret his needs and settle him, constantly feeding and dealing with catnaps. The best thing about the Outreach program was having an experienced nurse in my own home long enough to talk things through, see what I was experiencing and most importantly demonstrate techniques I could try. This is what sets Tresilian apart. I am happy to say my son is now 3 months and has been happy and settled for the past few weeks. Tresillian is a fantastic and necessary resource. Jessica

Thank You!

We have just got home from Tresillian Nepean with our 6 month old. The nurses were so beautiful and helpful. Our stay at Tresillian has made the world of difference in breaking habits , which we had tried and tried to already, and gaining confidence. A bit of work to go still but I know we will be able to persist and reinforce the skills we learnt. Thank you, the stay at Tresillian has already made huge improvements in my sanity and our relationship! Megan

I can't believe it!

I contacted the Tresillian Parent’s Help Line for assistance with my 8 month old son who had started waking every 45 minutes during the night (he was previously a great sleeper). I stuck to the advice that I was given by the nurse and it has been 2 weeks today and he has started sleeping 7pm-7am and settling without too much of a fuss at night. I just want other mums to hear my story. These days I wake up to him happily chatting away to himself in his cot. He smiles, cuddles more and has progressed leaps and bounds in his development. It has changed my life! I never got the name of the nurse who took my call but THANK YOU! Kiera

Day Stay Success!

We found the Day Stay to be very helpful and since then we have seen a big improvement in how our little one settles himself and sleeps. We particularly liked the one-on-one nature of the stay. This unrushed and personalised approach no doubt contributed to the success of our visit. A big thank you to the staff at Tresillian Wollstonecraft. Julia

Tresillian was so supportive

I would just like to say a huge thank you to the beautiful lady I spoke to earlier today, she was so supportive and gave me some very helpful pointers all of which, when I sit back and think about I know but due to self doubt lack of sleep and complete mental exhaustion I found difficult to remember. After her pointers some reflection, I have had a lovely day with my toddler and am looking forward to what tomorrow might bring. I can't thank you enough for listening and bringing me back, you are a very special lady!!! Jeanette Jeanette