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Consumers and Tresillian

Consumer Representative Program

Tresillian recognises that consumer participation is an essential component of health services and the Consumer Representative Program has been developed to support Tresillian’s engagement with its consumers and the community. 

The Consumer Representative Program provides opportunities for consumers to be involved with Tresillian in a variety of ways. The consumer representative may choose to be involved areas such as:

The Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare defines a consumer and a consumer representative as:

  • Development and review of client-related information/education/resources
  • Review of client/carer feedback
  • Providing education to staff and other consumers
  • Working with Tresillian to improve client safety
  • Service planning
  • Policy development and/or review
  • Committees

Consumer: Consumers are a group of people who use or are potential users of health services or are representatives of organisations of consumers.

Consumer representative: A consumer representative is a person who voices the consumer perspective and takes part in the decision making on behalf of consumers

Consumer Representative Program Expressions of interest

Tresillian is seeking an Expression of Interest (EOI) from individuals with young children (or grandchildren) to participate in their Consumer Representative Program. Participants in this program will work with Tresillian to review and improve services for families with young children in New South Wales.

To find out more about Tresillian’s Consumer Representative Program email [email protected] or download a copy of the Consumer Representative Information Pack. 

Resources and Links

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Consumer Consultation

Tresillian continues to engage with consumers and the community as part of its commitment to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards:

Tresillian values input from consumers and the wider community. We will provide access to policy, plans, information brochures and other policy, plans and service delivery information on this site to obtain feedback from consumers. The feedback provided will be reviewed by Tresillian and the action taken following consultation included for consumers and the wider community to view.

Tresillian recognises that consumer participation is an essential component of health services, and the Consumer Representative Program has been developed to support Tresillian’s engagement with its consumers and the community.

New documents for consultation

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Previous consultations

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Tresillian Safety and Quality Performance

Consumer representatives have both a right and a responsibility to be involved and contribute to health services. They bring with them a broad range of experiences, knowledge and perceptions that can be applied to service improvement. Information is made available on Tresillian’s safety and quality performance in all Tresillian Centres in areas frequently accessed by consumers.

There are a number of key reporting areas that are included in the information available to consumers within the centres. These include the following:

Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene is a core practice at Tresillian. We recognise that this practice is essential to limiting the spread of infections and provide information to families during their stay at a Tresillian Centre on how and when to practice hand hygiene.

Tresillian formally monitors compliance with hand hygiene three times each year. These audits are conducted by auditors who have been trained to use the Hand Hygiene Australia program and undertake regular reassessment to ensure auditing skills meet the requirements of the Hand Hygiene Australia auditing program.

For information on the National Hand Hygiene program please visit: 

Carer Satisfaction

Tresillian has a Strategic Goal to “Partner with our clients to create superior health experiences”; capturing feedback on how well we do this is important to Tresillian. Measuring a client’s experience with their involvement with Tresillian is an important component of improving patient centred care.

Tresillian has mechanisms in place in each of its services to capture feedback from users of that service at a local level. This feedback is reviewed local and action taken where required.

In addition, Tresillian has a more formal mechanism – a client experience tracker (CET’s), provided by CFS Australasia – to collect ongoing feedback within our Residential Units. Reports are forwarded each week to Tresillian based on feedback from the CET’s which are reviewed by management in each unit and the Tresillian Executive. 

Clients are asked to rate their satisfaction against five areas:
Q1. The written and verbal information provided about my admission helped me to better understand what to expect
Q2. Staff were friendly, approachable and sensitive to my needs
Q3. The staff involved me in decisions about my care (as much as I wanted to be)
Q4. I was given the opportunity to ask questions and to voice any concerns I may have had NPS Recommend to Family and Friends




Incident Data

Tresillian monitors incidents and hazards that occur within its facilities to identify and manage hazards before they can cause harm to clients and staff and to minimise the impact of these hazards should they be identified. At times, there are accidents that do happen to clients within all health services that do cause some harm, Tresillian uses the monitoring of its incidents to identify areas for improvement and shares these learnings with staff in all our services.



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