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Tresillian Family Care Centres is committed to supporting, disseminating and undertaking research that increases the child and family health evidence base.

Research at Tresillian has two main areas of focus:

  • Children from birth to age three and their families, including aspects of parenting, parent-child relationships, and perinatal, infant, and early childhood mental health; and

  • Child and family health service delivery.

To enquire about current research projects or opportunities for research partnerships, please email Tresillian’s research manager on [email protected].

To enquire about Tresillian conferences, please email [email protected].

View some of our recent publications

Tresillian’s research efforts have made a substantial contribution to advancing knowledge in child and family health. Explore some of our recent publications here:

2023 - Residential parenting services:

2023 - Mother and child sleep and mothers’ depression:

2022 – Adapting child and family health services to diverse settings:

2021 – Clinician engagement in quality:

2021 – Breastfeeding during the COVID-19 pandemic:

2021 – Learning and support for nurses on bottle-feeding:

2021 – Evaluation of Circle of Security Parenting (COSP):