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Learn more about toddler behaviour and how to deal with toddler tantrums, toilet training, fussy eaters and how you can ultimately promote positive behaviours.

Tips on improving Toddler behaviour

Toddlers can be an absolute joy but can also be very challenging. So, what’s the best way to deal with a toddler whose behaviour is not acceptable? Firstly, a predictable routine and home environment will help your toddler to feel secure. Toddlers need clear messages about which behaviours are acceptable and which are not. Try focusing on positive behaviours – what they should be doing and give lots of descriptive praise when they are behaving well.


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My toddler is refusing to eat!

It can be really concerning when your toddler just won’t eat. Assuming they’re healthy and well, start by writing down everything they consume over the period of a few days. Are they drinking vast amounts of milk or fruit juice….because this will definitely take the edge of their appetite? The good news is that a child who is growing more or less between the same percentile is eating enough, even if it appears to be very little.

When should I start toilet training my toddler?

When your child starts to tell you their nappy is wet or soiled, it’s time to think about toilet training. This is usually between 18 months and 3 years. Start by gently sitting your child on the toilet using a seat attachment especially for children. Give yourself two full weeks at home while your child is getting used to recognising the feeling of needing to use the toilet. Be proud of them even if there are a few accidents!

Your toddler and the new baby!

The arrival of a new baby can be difficult for your toddler. She was probably perfectly happy being the only child and the centre of attention! Often, they feel replaced, angry and even rejected and that’s the time to get them involved in the care of the new baby, for example to help with changing nappies and with baby’s bath. When your newborn is asleep make an effort to spend some special time with your toddler.


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