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Aya's Story

My daughter is almost 9 months old, As a first time mum the first few months where the hardest on me.

I finally reached out to my GP who recommended getting in contact with Tresillian when Bub was approx 8 weeks old. I got in after the Christmas break and attended an appointment at the Day service. I was then referred to the residential stay and got in fairly quickly due to my circumstances.

Tresillian helped me learn to settle my baby (as a FTM I had no idea how to do this!). They also helped me set up a feeding schedule (due to babies weight.)

The plan we set up worked great until Bub was approx 6 months old. So, I called Tresillian's Help Line and was referred to the Day service again. I ended up going in for another residential stay, where I worked with the nurses to implemented a new schedule. At my second resident stay I was given the opportunity to see a psychologist who referred me on to a psychiatrist.

Since attending a second time I have used the Parent's Help Line many times and have been able to work with the amazing nurses over the phone to make changes to my schedule.

I really appreciate all the help and support that Tresillian has provided for me and I honestly do not believe I would have coped being a new parent without their support and guidance.

Thank you