Daily Activities
6-8 months

By 6-8 months your baby’s cycle is starting to change. Generally your baby will be more active during the day and may drop to two daytime sleeps as they stay awake for longer periods.

Baby Milestones

This can be a fun time as your child develops new skills such as crawling and exploring their world.  By this age most babies are sitting up and rolling over.

My baby’s day at this age

  • Your baby’s feed, play sleep cycle is still the basic structure of your baby’s daily routine.
  • Try to do them in the same sequence at the same time each day. 
  • It’s always okay to make changes to feeding, play and sleep times to fit in with your baby’s tired signs.


By 6 months your baby should be ready to start introducing solids.  It is also a good time to begin offering your baby cooled boiled water from a cup.

Sleep times

  1. At this age your baby’s clock is set by the environment and regular daily activities.
  2. As your baby matures, wake times during the day increase and night sleeps lengthen.
  3. Some babies will have 2 -3 longer sleeps per day, while others only need short sleeps

Play with your baby

  • your baby will enjoy playing with toys that move, make sounds and vary in texture.
  • visit friends and join a playgroup
  • tell stories to your baby using soft books
  • babies of this age love fine/toe games

TOP TIPS: Your Baby’s Day

  • As your baby becomes more mobile, make sure your home and play areas are safe
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