Parent Top Tips from Tresillian

Being the parent of a  infant requires large amounts of energy and good humour. At times this can be difficult, especially if you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed by your new responsibilities as a parent but there are a few tips you can try to help you through those times.

How can I bond with my baby?

A good way to get to know your baby is to look at the world through your baby’s eyes. What’s your baby feeling? Try doing things with your baby like taking them to a park or garden to see the flowers and birds. Talk to them gently, hold their hand and enjoy being in the moment with them. It’s experiences like this that create a solid emotional foundation for your baby and builds your relationship with them.

I’m worried my baby isn’t reaching his development milestones

Many parents worry about their baby’s development. Be assured that all babies develop at their own pace. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect in the first 12 to 18 months. It starts with your baby’s ability to control their head and keep it upright. Baby will then learn to roll over and sit up unsupported. From there they’ll start to crawl, pull themselves to stand as they cruise around furniture, and then finally take their own unsupported steps.

Should I be introducing my baby to technology?

We’re all living in a digital world, including your baby. Be mindful though that there is no evidence suggesting that television or digital devices will assist or enhance your baby’s learning in the longer term. We strongly advise parents to avoid or limit exposing their babies to all screens including computers and mobile devices. Instead of e-books reach for hard copy books with different textures and pictures, that babies can hold themselves. It’s much better for their development.