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Family Partnership Refresher

The Family Partnership Model developed in the United Kingdom by Professor Hilton Davis, Crispin Day and Christine Bidmead, has been widely implemented as a model of care in child and family health practice. This course is designed to provide participants with an orientation to the model, and the opportunity to develop their skills in the practical application of the model. Key elements of the program include understanding the helping process, skills and qualities of the helper, building rapport in the first encounter, goal setting and supporting parents to change constructs.

Participants in Family Partnership Training are encouraged to develop knowledge, skills and confidence in the processes of engaging and relating to parents and supporting them effectively. These processes are assumed to involve the development of a genuine and respectful partnership. This is supportive in its own right by facilitating parental self-esteem and self-efficacy, but is also the vehicle for the exploration of possible problems and joint problem-management.

As part of the training, participants are encouraged to complete assigned tasks including relevant readings and skills practice as these will assist in the understanding of the Family Partnership Model.

Target audience

Staff/managers working in child and family health, maternal child health and services supporting families in the early parenting period.

Please Note: SLHD and Regional LHDs Bookings (excluding ISLHD & CCLHD)

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Course Details

13 June
8:30am- 4:30pm

free (All TFCC Staff )

free (SLHD and Regional LHDs (excluding ISLHD & CCLHD))

$ 300.00 (All External Applicants)

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