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HOME Inventory

This workshop is for currently enrolled SNF nurses in the Advanced Nurse Practice Course.  

Do you work with families in their homes? Do you want to help parents and infants develop positive nurturing relationships? Do you want to support parents to develop and create sensitive, affectionate and nurturing relationship with their babies? Then this is the workshop for you!

The (HOME) Inventory workshop will explore:

  • The home environment and parent-child relationship from the child’s perspective

  • Consider how you can more objectively assess the nurturing and quality of stimulation in the child’s most intimate environment

  • How to develop a caregiver’s capacity to provide care that recognises a baby’s fundamental need for warm, responsive and sensitive relationships that stimulate and support their learning. 

The Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment (HOME) Inventory, developed by Bettye M. Caldwell and Robert H. Bradley (2003) allows practitioners to fairly quickly and with a level of objectivity develop a picture of the quality and quantity of stimulation and support that is available to a particular child in their intimate home environment. The intent of the tool is not to judge families, parenting practices or the homes that children live in, but to understand the opportunities that a child has available to them in their home environment.

During this workshop participants will develop an understanding of the HOME Inventory tool, practice how to use it and consider ways that the assessment can contribute to your work with families in their everyday lives.

The first session covers the in’s and out’s of the HOME Inventory assessment for the Infant-Toddler HOME Inventory, using interactive participation from the group. This session will provide you with an understanding of the tool and how you would use it.

The second session is aimed at practitioners who use the HOME Inventory as part of their suite of assessments to inform interventions. This is a practical session about the application of the tool.


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18 September

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Course Enquiry

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Rizwan Faiz



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