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Infant Feeding Workshop

In this program participants explore:

  • The feeding interaction as being central to the quality of first relationships.

  • The use of a range of feeding assessment tools, interventions and strategies to assist with identifying and assisting with infant feeding concerns.

  • Communication skills and professional attributes as well as meaningful documentation.

  • Food safety, allergies and intolerances, dental hygiene and management of foreign body airway obstruction (choking).

There is time to practice skills in a safe supportive environment.

Target audience:

This course is recommended for child and family health professionals who require foundational or an update in their infant feeding knowledge and skills.


Previous completion of Keys to Caregiving workshop.

Course Details

4 April
7:30am - 5:30pm
free (TFCC Staff Only)
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Rizwan Faiz


Tresillian Wollstonecraft, Group Room 3 Level 1 , 25 Shirley Road Wollstonecraft NSW 2065

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