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Infant Mental Health

Establishing a secure parent-child attachment relationship during the first three years of a child’s life is fundamental for lifelong emotional wellbeing and essential for enjoying satisfying relationships throughout the lifespan. This one-day workshop will delve into:

  • The development of the baby’s first attachment relationship to his most important caregiver

  • The impact of early caregiving on the baby’s developing brain

  • Infant and toddler distress and how parents respond to them

  • Why parental reflective capacity is so important for secure attachment

  • How you can incorporate of the tenets of attachment theory into your clinical practice.

  • Ways to develop parents’ capacity to understand and care for their baby that promote secure infant attachment.

The course delivery provides a mixture of evidence-based information, group-work, videos and interactive work.

  • Do you want to help infants develop secure relationships with their caregivers?

  • Do you want to help caregivers share a sensitive, affectionate and empathic relationship with their babies?

Then this is the workshop for you.


Please Note: SLHD and Regional LHDs Bookings (excluding ISLHD & CCLHD)

  • No Tuition Fee
  • Resources/publications will be on a loan basis, with the option of purchasing.
  • All cancellations to be made to [email protected]

Course Details

17 April
8:30am - 4:30pm

free (All TFCC and SNF Staff)

free (SLHD and Regional LHDs only (excluding ISLHD & CCLHD))

$ 200.00 (All External Applicants )

17 places left

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Course Enquiry

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