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Infant Sleep and Settling

Current evidence suggests that 20-30% of parents see at least one health professional for help with their baby or child’s sleep problem. This workshop will provide an opportunity to enhance and update your knowledge on the science and practicalities of infant sleep. It will explore following topics:

  • The science of infant sleep

  • Circadian rhythms

  • States of consciousness: awake to asleep

  • Rethinking tired signs – the ‘Tresillian Sleep Formula’

  • Sleep and attachment

  • When and how to intervene with sleep difficulties

  • Tresillian's Responsive settling strategies

Target audience

Recommended for all child and family health professionals.

The course delivery provides a mixture of evidence-based information, videos and interactive work.   

Please Note: SLHD and Regional LHDs Bookings (excluding ISLHD & CCLHD)

  • No Tuition Fee
  • Resources/publications will be on a loan basis, with the option of purchasing.
  • All cancellations to be made to [email protected]

Course Details

27 June
8:30am- 4:30pm

free (SLHD and Regional LHDs (excluding ISLHD & CCLHD))

free (All TFCC and SNF Staff)

$ 200.00 (All External Applicants)

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Course Enquiry

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