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Promoting Maternal Mental Health

In this program, participants explore the importance of helping the pregnant woman with mental and emotional health during pregnancy, as this can improve chances of a healthy relationship with her child. Key elements of the program include issues that can impact on the maternal-child relationship including high risk factors in pregnancy, previous bereavement or loss, domestic violence and pre-existing mental health conditions.

This workshop addresses the importance of helping the pregnant woman achieve a healthier mental and emotional state during pregnancy, to improve the chances that she and her child will experience a healthier relationship. 

Promoting Maternal Mental Health during Pregnancy training covers issues critical to the development of the early mother-child relationship, including

  • High-risk pregnancies

  • Unresolved grief or loss

  • Normal, typical course of pregnancy

  • Women experiencing depression or other mental health disruptions

Your fee covers tuition and all curriculum materials, including two Promoting Mental Health during Pregnancy books, one covering Theory and Practice and one on Interventions, an assessment guide, and a CD with 56 reproducible handouts/interventions.


All cancellations to be made to TFCC


SNF Staff, Senior Staff and NCAST Trained Tresillian Staff only.

Course Details

8 October

free (Free (All TFCC Staff))

free (Free (SLHD and Regional LHDs Bookings) (excluding ISLHD & CCLHD))

$ 450.00 (All External Applicants)

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Course Enquiry

Group Facilitator

Rizwan Faiz



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