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SNF Multidisciplinary Orientation

This session is for staff involved and working in the Sustaining NSW Families (SNF) program, including nurse home visitors and multidisciplinary team members.

Purpose: To provide an understanding of the Sustaining NSW Families program and the interaction of the different roles within the Sustaining NSW Families teams.

The session will provide an overview of the:

  • Sustaining NSW Families program

  • What is the program

  • The program within the community health system

  • Supporting policy framework - NSW Health including SAFE START

  • Program aims

  • Program logic

  • Visit schedule

  • Importance of fidelity to the program model


Please Note: All cancellations to be made to [email protected]

Course Details

14 May
1:00 pm-4:00pm

free (SNF Staff Only)

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Course Enquiry

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