Professional Practice and Innovation Centre

The Professional Practice and Innovation (PP&I) Centre at Tresillian was formed in 2014 to replace the Education and Research Unit. The PP&I Centre aims to:

  • support Tresillian staff develop their clinical skills using practice development approaches 
  • provide high quality education programs for Tresillian staff and external professionals who work with families and young children
  • assist in the translation of child and family health evidence in to clinical practice
  • assist in the implementation of the UTS and Tresillian Graduate Certificate in Child and Family Health Nursing
  • develop parenting education and child and family health professional resources
  • develop Tresillian’s research capacity
  • provide consultancy in child and family health for government and private organisations
  • seek funding to design, implement and evaluate innovative child and family health services and interventions.

The PP&I Centre staff have experience providing education at a state, national and international level. Education programs have been offered in: Seoul, South Korea; Manila, Philippines; Wuhan, China; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Hong Kong.

In 2012, NSW Ministry of Health Kids and Families contracted the Professional Practice and Innovation Centre staff to develop and implement an advanced nurse practice course for the Sustaining NSW Families Home Visiting program.  Seoul National University, in 2013, contracted the development and implementation of a child and family health nursing short course to support a newly developed home visiting program.

The PP&I Centre regularly offers a suite of programs produced by Parent-Child Relationship Programs  of the University of Washington Seattle. These programs include the: Keys to Caregiving program; Parent Child Interaction Assessment Course (Feeding and Teaching Scales); Promoting Maternal Mental Health program and Promoting First Relationships program.