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Travelling With a Baby

Whether you're flying with a baby, or travelling with a newborn, it doesn’t take long to discover that babies aren’t very portable. Sure, they may seem small and easy to carry at first - until you think about taking them on a train, plane, bus, or car. Then suddenly, a task that seemed so easy, turns into a tetris-like puzzle of questions like “Where do I put my baby? Which way should they face? How do I feed them? Where do I put the pram, formula, wipes, toys, clothes, nappies, food and blankets?” Thankfully, we’re here to help. In this tip sheet we’ll cover the essentials that will help you get on your way, and to your destination, as safely and fuss-free as possible. And don’t worry - there’s light at the end of the tunnel. In a few trips’ time, you and your baby will become pros at hitting the road.

Plan Way, Way, Ahead

Remember when you went on spontaneous road trips with only a few hours’ notice? When you travel with baby, you’re going to need a little more planning. Before you can even start preparing for your trip, we recommend planning the following as far in advance as possible:

  • How long will you be away from home?
  • How will you travel, for how long, and with who?
  • What’s the weather like, and when is the easiest time to travel?
  • How much will you be able to take with you, and are there any restrictions?
  • Will you be able to buy baby supplies where you’re going, or do you need to take everything with you?
  • What vaccinations are required?
  • If you’re travelling overseas, do you have a passport and visa for your baby?
  • Have you organised family travel insurance? Some insurers will let you include your baby on your policy - but it’s important to check the detail and find out what is covered.

The further in advance you can plan, the more you can change to make your journey as baby-friendly as possible.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Once you’ve planned your trip, it’s time to pack and prepare. Making sure you have the right supplies, and enough of them, will make the trip go much more smoothly. Here are our top packing tips:

  • Take a small bottle of sanitizer to clean your hands. Soap is not always readily available!
  • If you’re breastfeeding, take a wrap or a shawl to reduce distractions for your baby.
  • If you’re using formula, bring several bottles pre-filled with the right quantity of boiled water. Measure the correct amount of formula beforehand, and add it to the bottle when required during the trip.
  • Make sure to pack multiples of seasonally appropriate clothing - and a favourite toy never goes astray either.

What To Do On the Road

You’re all set, and it’s time to hit the road. Relax and take a deep breath. You’ve done
the hard work, and it’ll pay off during the journey. Here are some important things to
keep in mind on your way:

  • Change your baby’s nappy just before you enter the plane or car. This will give you as much time as possible before it’s time for another change.
  • When putting your baby in a baby capsule always lay them on their back, and make sure the latches are secure. If it’s a little chilly out, lay a blanket or wrap over them as well.
  • Never leave your baby alone or unattended.
  • When you’re walking around or taking breaks, carry your baby in a pouch that
    faces towards you. This way, not only are your hands free, your baby can also gaze
    deep into your eyes for reassurance. 

Well, we’ve told you the essentials of getting on your way with your little one. There’s lots more tips and tricks for making travelling with baby easier on the road. With a bit of practice and planning, you will start to relax and enjoy travelling on the way to your destination.

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