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Newborn Crying Top Tips & Videos

Top Tips & Videos

Crying is a normal behaviour and your baby’s way of communicating with you. Learn Tresillian’s tips on how to settle baby and what to do when baby won’t stop crying.

My newborn baby won’t stop crying

In the early weeks, there will be times when you just can’t settle your baby, no matter what you try. We call this sort of crying ‘normal developmental crying’ and it can last as little as one hour a day or as much as five hours a day. It’s your baby’s way of telling you she needs you. Give lots of cuddles and be patient, the crying should start to taper off after the first 8 weeks.

Why won’t my 2 month old baby stop crying?

In the first three months your baby cries to let you know she needs to re-establish close physical contact with you. This type of crying is an instinctive need and really important for your baby’s social and emotional development. The best thing you can do is respond promptly by giving lots of cuddles, reassurance and affection to make baby feel safe and secure. This is how your baby forms a relationship with you.

What are the symptoms of colic in babies?

Crying and fussing is a normal part of development for most babies and sudden and intense episodes of unsoothable crying and fussing for what seems like no reason is often labelled colic. There’s a lot of uncertainty among experts about the exact definition but if your baby is crying constantly make sure you look after yourself and reach out for support if you need it.