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Albury Wodonga Health Tresillian Parents and Babies Service

The arrival of a new baby and every stage of your child’s development is an exciting time, but it can be overwhelming. That’s where Tresillian can help.

Virtual Tour

Join us for a virtual tour of Albury Wodonga Health Tresillian Parents and Babies Service, where new parents and their babies can receive expert care and support in a comfortable and nurturing environment.

How Tresillian can help

Our Tresillian Nurses can help make sense of your child’s crying, sleep, feeding and behaviour with tailored programs to meet your needs. We aim to help you build a positive relationship with your child, giving you confidence and reassurance as you progress through your parenting journey. We can also help you with your own emotional well-being.

Appointments are generally around two hours and Virtual and Face to Face consultations are available.

Your appointment at Albury Wodonga Health Tresillian

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    Firstly, we’ll be in touch to arrange your appointment time. If a Virtual session is required we’ll email details on how to connect.

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    On the day of your consultation, our friendly Nurses will take you to one of our private consultation rooms, set up with a cot and change table.

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    The first appointment will usually take around two hours where a nurse will listen and work in partnership with you, to understand your family's needs and develop a plan and strategy.

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    You’ll be encouraged to follow your child's lead throughout the consultation, so if they need to sleep or feed, our Nurse can help with advice.

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    Follow up visits are usually shorter to see how you’ve been going at home. This may be in person, via 'phone or telehealth.

I am so grateful and thankful to the team for helping me with my son’s sleep pattern. A child who wouldn’t go to bed before 9 pm, whose Dad would have to rock for hours and hours, who would scream and cry and wake up every hour to breastfeed and throw his dummy, miss his afternoon nap….has now learnt how to sleep without breastfeeding and is so much more relaxed. I cannot express in words how happy I am to be in this situation. I feel more confident and less stressed. You are a blessing to me. I would definitely recommend seeking your support for my friends and families in dealing with situations like mine.
Ashim & Kirsty

Preparing for your visit

Not sure what to expect during your visit? No worries! We have all the information you need.


To book a visit to Tresillian talk to your GP or Child and Family Health Nurse or fill in this short online booking form and one of our Nurses will call you back.

A Day Services appointment is around two hours starting with a consultation with one of our Nurses on the concerns you’re having with your child. It’s helpful to bring your child’s Personal Health Information Book (Blue Book) and any other details on sleep times, and feeds.

Tresillian Day Service fees are covered by Medicare.

No. Parents can BOOK A VISIT on the Tresillian website. Fill in a short online contact form and one of our Nurses will call you back. 

AWH Tresillian Parents & Baby Service is proudly enabled through a partnership with Albury Wodonga Health

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Location Enquiry
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