SleepWellBaby App

Tresillian are gifting FREE access to the SleepWellBaby App to all NSW families. 

SleepWellBaby is a baby sleep App developed in consultation with Tresillian. 

It is designed to support parents with children of the age of 0 to 3 years. We cover some key new parent concerns such as baby sleep and settling, development, feeding and nutrition. We recognise that all babies are unique, and some need a little more specialised support than others.

The Tresillian App SleepWellBaby delivers instant access to trusted evidence-based parenting education, advice and tools on key new parent concerns including baby sleep and settling, development, feeding and nutrition via a sophisticated digital platform. The SleepWellBaby program also provides stepped care into specialist Telehealth services offered by Tresillian and other similar organisations.

Tresillian are gifting free access to SleepWellBaby to all NSW families.


Simply enter promo code TRESILLIAN in app when prompted.  Download the App now at SleepWellBaby

If you have any issues or feedback with the SleepWellBaby app you can email for assistance and support in the first instance.