Jess, Chris and William's Story

Here, new Mum, Jess shares her story on parenting a new baby through COVID-19 and how the SleepWellBaby App has helped!


Before having her first child, Jess was working as a Science Teacher.  She said ‘Working in a science based role gave me a good understanding of the value of evidence based research and advice’.  So when her first baby came along and she was looking for trusted advice, she decided to try the SleepWellBaby App which she knew was backed up by the trusted name of Tresillian. 

Baby William was around 8 weeks old at the time she downloaded the App.  Her partner Chris was going back to work and she felt she needed that extra guidance and help.  ‘I felt like I had no idea about how what William’s routine should be and the App gave me hints, tips and most of all, reassurance’!

She said ‘It’s good to know that it’s perfectly normal when I don’t feel okay, and also when William doesn’t have a good night’. She added ‘The parenting information has been reliable and relevant at every stage, and it’s been fun sharing with other Mums in my Mother’s Group’. 

The planner is really useful which lets you know what you should be aiming for in terms of sleeping and feeding (ie how long baby should be sleeping at different developmental stages).   The wisdom part was particularly good - it talks about what baby’s sleep, feed play routine should be and changes as your baby grows, so the information is always relevant..  Jess added ‘I also found the breastfeeding information very helpful, particularly in the early days; I would highly recommend the App to new parent’.  Jess told me the story of her sister in regional NSW who is about to have a baby and is very anxious. She said that she suggested she get the App as it would really help her with her confidence as she was feeling isolated.

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