Jessica & Lyla's Story

SleepWellBaby app — I rave about this app! 

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the team who created this app.
In the 12 weeks that I have been a first time mother, I have tried lots of different things as I have got to know my baby and learn how to parent.

The one thing that has really helped, and stuck is using this app. I am pretty religious with it, and have seen a huge improvement on my daughter’s sleep, and day to day cycles.
I am more confident and in tune with her communication with me and why she might be behaving a particular way.

I love all the little tips that are displayed throughout the day and the reminders that parenting is hard and that self care is important. Even if we have a hard day, instead of feeling guilty I now make an effort to do something for me, remember how much I love my daughter, and reset for the next day.

I rave about this app to other new mum friends and am so excited to see the updates that are coming.

Thank you for this amazing resource!

—Jessica AKA Lyla’s Mummy

Click here to find out more about the SleepWellBaby app.