Lauren, Phil and Mark's Story

Here, mother of three, Lauren, shares her story on how the SleepWellBaby App has helped!


Lauren is a stay at home Mum.  She was originally a primary school teacher before having children. 

Lauren downloaded the SleepWellBaby App when Mark was 4 months because it had been over 3 years since her last child was a baby and she felt she’d forgotten some things.  Things like settling Mark and what to look out for at different times of day.  She’s found the App particularly helpful, especially with a houseful of kids keeping her busy! 

For Lauren, the most useful part of the App has been keeping track of Mark’s sleep.  She says ‘It’s helped her understand the tired signs and gauge his mood and it’s been very assuring even though he’s a third child!  She added, ‘It’s also helped me get into good habits and a more predictable routine which is important because when he sleeps, we all sleep!”

Lauren said the best part of the App program is that it changes through the different stages of your baby’s development so it’s always relevant and age-appropriate.

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