Morgan's Family Story

Meet Morgan. Morgan and her bub came to visit Tresillian Canterbury when she was experiencing challenges with her baby waking several times each night. 

Read all about Morgan’s Tresillian transformation and how her stay at Tresillian proved to be life-changing. 

 1. How were you feeling when you first contacted Tresillian?

When I was first contacted by Tresillian I was an absolute sleep-deprived mess.  It was such a relief to speak to the nurse and to know I was going to get the help I needed for bub and myself.  I was contacted a month prior to my actual check-in date and I cannot describe the relief, as the night before we were due to check in was probably the worse night of my child’s existence. 

2. Tell us about what you experienced during your stay?

When I arrived, I was greeted by the friendliest receptionist who quickly took all my details and summoned my magic sleep fairy. The nurse that I saw sat me down and asked me a variety of questions. The questions they asked were not invasive - I think it was more them doing their investigation to figure out where the problem lies. We did our first settle session in their cot and this went better then expected and everything was done within my boundaries to make sure that both bub and I were in a happy environment.  Throughout the entire stay whenever I needed someone, I just asked and they were there to support and coach me through the process.

3. How has your stay helped you and your baby?

My stay has meant so much, it’s been, life-changing!  It’s meant that firstly, I no longer breastfeed my child up to ten times or more in a 24-hour period, (it’s been cut down to three feeds during the day and sometimes one at night) if she wakes for a feed. It’s also meant I no longer co–sleep with bub and instead, we both sleep in our own beds. It means that I have more time with my partner. Its also helped in terms of how baby self-settles (on occasion she needs some support) but since leaving Tresillian, I have never needed to rock or feed my baby to sleep. My stay has also resulted in my baby eating anything and everything - she eats so much it makes me so happy. I never knew what she was capable of and never gave her a chance to do these things.

4. How are you and bub doing now?

We are doing amazingly well! I have a happy, healthy baby who some nights sleeps through from 7pm until 6am, she sometimes wakes for one feed but that’s ok, its normal. I also now have so much freedom. Before Tresillian my baby refused a bottle and I think this was because she associated breastfeeding as just comfort and not nutrition. Three days after we left Tresillian, she took a bottle no fuss. I have my freedom back, I can’t believe it. I’m now able to go back to work and just have more energy to focus on her. Before Tresillian I dreaded each day and sleep time, now we just go through our days playing, eating and just enjoying every single moment.

5. What is the memorable thing about your stay at Tresillian Canterbury?

Before going to Tresillian, my 7 month-old was only eating pureed food and maybe bits of fruit that I would watch her eat like a hawk. When we got to Tresillian I was told all the babies food is prepared at the Centre. When they gave my little one lunch on the first day, I was so nervous because they gave her veggies, mash and some pasta shells for the first time!  Before Tresillian, I was so scared to give this to my child. Now I love watching her explore her food and having fun – she eats beautifully and enjoys it. 

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