Nancy & Reuben's Story

Transformed and Inspired

To the AMAZING team at Tresillian Willoughby,

Thank you all so much for patience, kindness, and professionalism during our stay in June. We truly felt your passion and dedication for your jobs and we are so grateful.

Prior to Tresillian admission, Reuben was able to self settle in his cot with the aid of a dummy and a comforter. However, I self referred to Tresillian as Reuben was waking multiple times per night because the dummy has fallen out and I have been unsuccessful in getting him to replace his own dummy. Reuben was also, at the time, refusing formula and sometimes solids during the day and thus requiring two formula feeds per night in addition to multiple dummy replacements during the night.

It has been a few weeks since our stay at Tresillian and although Reuben has not transformed into a brand new baby, I feel like I've been somewhat transformed and inspired by our stay. I feel more confident at reading his signs, and changing things up when he becomes unsettled which has helped a lot during his transition from 3 naps down to 2 naps. Reuben's day naps have also become more of a routine since Tresillian and he's been able to sleep past one sleep cycle on most days!

Reuben will now take some water from a sippy cup and have some solids at most meal times. I still can't get him to eat much savoury but I try hard not to feel discouraged or frustrated. He has slept through from 9/10pm ish until 6/7am ish TWICE now since Tresillian!!! Although there are still nights where he wakes 2-3 times (usually dummy only, sometimes for one feed), this is already an improvement from 5-6 times per night prior to Tresillian. And yes that lamb comforter is unfortunately much required during his settling for sleep at this stage...

I have not been able to rave on enough about Tresillian to all my friends and family. My friends in Queensland and New Zealand are very jealous we have such a facility available to us here in NSW. So I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Tresillian team, especially all the nurses who helped us at Unit C.

Kind regards,
Nancy and Reuben (... and the lamb)