What we do

Becoming a Mum or Dad can bring great joy, exciting times and new challenges. However there may be times when being a parent can seem overwhelming. Tresillian is an early parenting service offering you and your family up to date parenting information, links to resources, assistance and support to help you through these times.

Need help from Tresillian?

  1. Our website has up to date, trusted information from Tresillian Nurses, on a range of issues and for different age-groups.
  2. Call our free Tresillian Parent’s Help Line on 1300 272 736 and speak to a qualified Tresillian Nurse.  They can talk you through any concerns you may have about your baby.     
  3. Go on-line to our free Tresillian Live Advice service, hosted by JohnsonsBaby.com.au, for advice from a Tresillian Nurse from 5pm to 11pm.  Print it out afterwards so you can refer back to what the nurse recommended.
  4. Tresillian also offers a range of Centre-based and Home-based Services including Day Services and Residential Services.

Commonly asked questions

  • Can I book myself into Tresillian?

    No, an on-line referral is required from a health professional such as your GP, Paediatrician or Child and Family Health Nurse. Once Tresillian has received your referral you will receive information by email or post explaining what happens next. If you have a concern or question about your baby, call the Tresillian Parent’s Help Line on 1300 2PARENT - 1300 272 736 (7am-11pm) or visit Tresillian Live Advice hosted by JohnsonsBaby.com.au for free online advice from a Tresillian Nurse.

  • How much does it cost?

    Day Services are covered by Medicare. Residential Services are covered by Medicare and/or your family’s private health fund. If both parents stay overnight one parent is a boarder and an accommodation/meals charge applies per day. You will be advised of the current rate prior to your admission.