Who We Are

Each year Tresillian assists over 80,000 families with a baby, toddler or young child.  We pride ourselves on offering caring, personalised advice to parents in the early years as we help them gain confidence in their new roles as mums and dads. Our charity Australian Business Number is 28521424723.

Our Vision

  • Our Mission is to engage, educate and support families in Australia by increasing parenting confidence:  leading to improved health and wellbeing of families with young children and secure resilient family relationships.
  • Our Vision is that all expectant families and those with infants and young children across Australia, will have access to parenting advice, support and care which will enable them to raise their children with confidence within their own cultural context and values.
  • Our Purpose statement, ‘It’s in our nature to nurture’, is at the heart of our services for families.

Our Values

  • Access:  Parents should have access to parenting support regardless of their status, location or culture.
  • Respect:  We respect difference and we ask this of others.  We respond to people to communities only after we have carefully listened to their needs, concerns and expectations.
  • Partnership:  We seek to focus the best professional and personal support available to meet each client’s needs.  We are committed to working nationally with others to support effective parenting.
  • Integrity:  We do what we say and we always do it with respect to others.
  • Excellence:  We invest in professional development and best practice for our clients.

Our Patron

The Patron of Tresillian is Queen Elizabeth II.

we help Families

  • Newborn

    Looking for baby tips? Trusted advice from Australia's leading early parenting provider. Including topics such as settling, crying and baby's daily routine.

  • Baby

    Asking for help is important during your baby’s first year. Get baby tips and advice on topics such as how to settle a crying baby, breastfeeding and daily routines.

  • Toddler

    Find toddler tips on topics such as toilet training boys and girls, dealing with fussy eaters, childcare, tantrums and promoting positive behaviour.

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What We Do

Tresillian is Australia’s largest Early Parenting Service offering professional advice, education and guidance to families with a baby, toddler or pre-schooler.

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