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Why do babies cry?

Crying is normal and is your baby’s way of communicating. Babies have individual crying patterns which can vary from 20 minutes to 5 hours a day. Babies cry mostly because they are hungry, thirsty, hot or cold, wet or soiled, overtired, excited, frightened or in need of a cuddle.

How do I comfort my crying baby?

  1. try a cuddle or holding your baby close (this may include skin-to-skin contact) using rhythmical movement
  2. walking baby using a pram or sling or
  3. a “top up” breastfeed within 30 minutes of the last feed (up to 3 months)

Will wrapping help to settle my baby?

Yes often. Use a light material (cotton) making sure that the arms are above waist level and there is room to move the legs. Ensure your baby is not over dressed and your baby’s head is uncovered. Stop wrapping your baby when he/she is able to turn onto their tummy during sleep or play (from 3-6 months).

Settling my baby

In the early weeks try settling baby in your arms:

  1. Hold your baby in your arms until they fall asleep.
  2. Use gentle rhythmic patting, rocking, stroking, talking, or softly singing before putting your baby into the cot asleep.  These repetitions signal relaxation and sleep.
  3. If your baby wakes after a sleep cycle you may need to re-settle.