Tresillian 2U Mobile Van

The arrival of a new baby and every stage of your child’s development is an exciting time, but it can be overwhelming. That’s where Tresillian 2U Mobile Early Parenting Service can help.

The Tresillian 2U Mobile Early Parenting Service provide support to families with a baby, toddler or child aged up to 3 years. We work in partnership with parents to increase confidence, resolve concerns and provide guidance and education and practical advice.

The Tresillian 2U Mobile Early Parenting Service offers individual consultations within the spacious purpose built van. 

Our team includes a Tresillian Nurse and an Aboriginal Health Worker. Our Mobile vans are family friendly with a private consultation room, cot, and change-table.

To make an appointment with a member of our Tresillian 2U team, ask your Child & Family Health Nurse, GP or parenting support service for a referral, or self-refer by filling out this short self referral form and one of our Nurses will call you back. Once you have a referral, we’ll be in touch to work out the best place to meet up.

Locations in NSW

The Tresillian 2U Mobile Van regularly visit's families in towns and communities​ on a rotational basis with bases at the following areas: 

Tresillian 2U - Mid North Coast

Tresillian 2U - Inverell

Tresillian 2U - Queanbeyan

Tresillian 2U - Eurobodalla

Tresillian 2U - Tweed

Tresillian 2U - Bathurst

Parenting Groups 

Parenting groups are offered in communities at the Tresillian 2U Mobile van sites and from the Tresillian 2U van. To register please visit the Tresillian website on