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The First Three Months

A Tresillian guide to caring for your newborn baby.

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Gentle, expert advice for the parents of newborns, from Australia's largest and most trusted parent-support organisation
The first twelve weeks of a baby's life can be a challenge for any new parent. Tresillian's experienced, expert advice will guide you through, with practical tips and real-life stories, set out in an accessible format for tired brains.
This easy-to-use guide covers all aspects of a newborn's first twelve weeks, including:
• How to help your baby grow and develop
• Understanding your baby's ways of communicating
• Helping to settle and soothe
• Responding to your baby's needs for love, feeding and sleeping
• Common health concerns
• Meeting your own needs for love, care and support.
With dedicated information for fathers and other caregivers, and key sections on coping with lockdowns and parenting in the age of social media, this is a book packed with reassurance, guidance and ideas.


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