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The Tresillian Sleep Book

Expert advice from Tresillian on helping your baby to sleep.

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Gentle, expert advice for tired parents of babies and young children – from Australia's largest and most trusted parent-support group.

Tresillian’s research efforts have made a significant contribution to advancing knowledge in child and family health.

This book covers sleep and settling from birth to the preschool years, sharing simple ways to help your baby or young child establish sleep cycles and support your baby's changing sleep needs as they grow, while offering guidance and solutions for the sleep problems that parents of newborns to 5-year-olds struggle with. It includes:

  • Establishing day and night routines and the role of circadian rhythms
  • How to create the best sleep environment for your baby
  • Why babies cry and strategies to cope
  • How babies 'talk' to you
  • The development stages and sleep - from newborns to preschoolers
  • Helping your baby learn to settle and resettle themselves
  • Twins and sibling issues
  • Routines for children in childcare
  • Getting back on track after disruptions, from illness, night terrors and early wakers to disrupted routines and travelling.

With plenty of stories from parents who share what worked for them, this comprehensive guide will help babies and young children - and their parents - get those much-needed zzz.

The Tresillian Sleep Book is a game-changer for nurturing healthy sleep habits in babies and toddlers. This comprehensive guide provides clear, practical advice, emphasising a gentle approach to sleep training while maintaining the parent-child bond. With its compassionate tone and adaptable strategies, it's an invaluable resource for achieving restful nights and a happier, well-rested family.
Samantha, Muswellbrook NSW


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