Thank You Tresillian

Many of our parents tell us what a positive difference Tresillian has made to them. Some of their stories are below.

Skills & Confidence

To all the Tresillian Nurses ( Angels), I cannot believe the change in our son from such a short time under your guidance. Your kindness and extra special support gave me the skills and confidence to be the Mum I want to be. Thank you for bringing colour back to the world. Hannah

Great Progress

Dear Ladies, My son and I would like to thank you all for your help and support during our stay. We are making great progress & hope we can stack on track! Ashleigh

Telehealth consultation an amazing opportunity.

In light of the current global health crisis, I was not willing to risk our health, or the health of others attending the day service face to face and suggested a Telehealth Consultation. Firstly, my concerns were acknowledged and normalised and understood. My request was attended to promptly and we were able to organise this for the next day. This was an amazing opportunity to access the professionals and expert advice whilst also alleviating stress. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and being flexible with your delivery of service provision. The future seems brighter. Macy

So incredibly knowledgeable!

All the nurses were so caring and supportive but Jill was the one who touched my heart. She was so incredibly knowledgeable and her analogies really hit home. I felt so supported and cared for. She was so patient and spent as much time as I needed. I won't forget her advice. Thank you so much. Louise and Matilda

Staying at Tresillian was a life saver.

To the staff at Tresillian. I stayed at Tresillian just before Christmas with my newborn and I’ve been meaning to send a thank you since then. I really can’t thank you enough for the amazing care and support I received from the moment I called to the moment I left. Staying at Tresillian was a life saver for me and literally felt like I was rescued from spiralling into severe post-natal anxiety. I will always remember my time at Tresillian as a turning point and a time of quiet comfort and feeling completely supported. Id like to thank the nurse who spent my first and second days with me. She went above and beyond and was just an angel to me. Thank you again. Lucy

I am forever grateful.

I gave birth to my first child in September 1990. Everything with the birth went well but when we were discharged and went home a week later my baby was very unsettled so I took him to the pediatric specialist who advised me there was nothing wrong with my baby. We went home but he continued crying, not drinking and suffering from constipation. I then decided to find another pediatrician for a second opinion and when he examined my baby he advised me that he was suffering from reflux. We ended up at the children’s hospital, as he was very dehydrated and unwell. We stayed in hospital for a week where the pediatrician then decided to refer us to Tresillian in Petersham. The Tresillian nursing staff were magnificent, from settling him, to making his formula with cornflour milk. The nursing staff showed me how to keep him in a 4 hourly routine and showed me various settling techniques. Without their support and help I would not have been able to cope. I went on to have 2 more children and use the same techniques taught to me by the staff at Tresillian. I couldn’t thank them enough. My children are now aged, 29, 27 and 17. I am forever grateful to the wonderful staff at Petersham Tresillian. Anon

The advise has been so valuable.

What an amazing place and can I just say how wonderful Gina and Susie have been, they have instilled me with confidence in just 3 day's !! Their knowledge and advise has been so valuable. THANK YOU !!! Rachel

Telehealth consultation an amazing opportunity.

All of the staff here have been brilliant, friendly and very helpful. We have seen some big improvements in our daughter’s sleep thanks to the help we received here and the advice I received has also improved my confidence at settling my daughter to sleep. We have also introduced our daughter to finger foods, which we wouldn’t have realised she was ready for if it wasn’t for the staff. Thank you all so much for the wonderful work you do here. Suzie

We can’t thank you enough!

To all the incredible staff at Tresillian, I just wanted to send a HUGE thanks to you all for everything you did for us. Having an 11 month old who woke every hour, every night for 11 months from our first night home and then after spending 4 nights with you, he slept though the night 7pm until 6am every night! No word of a lie! We can’t thank you enough - you are all amazing women and really are making such a difference in people’s lives. Jen, Nick, Joshua & Ted