Thank You Tresillian

Many of our parents tell us what a positive difference Tresillian has made to them. Some of their stories are below.

We now have quiet evenings back

Thank you thank you thank you! Your Nepean residential nurses were awesome for us and our little boy is sleeping so much better now, only 3 1/2 months old and although you gave me the confidence and patience to settle him hands on, he now actually seems to prefer to self-settle with his dummy within minutes of putting him to bed- we now have quiet evenings back and only one middle of the night wake up- and I am enjoying this me with my boy 1000x more... highly recommend for parents who are struggling with settling or feeding their little ones. Melissa,

Thank you for your kindness, support and care

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at Nepean Tresillian. My 20 month old daughter and I did a residential stay 2 weeks ago and we have had nothing but fantastic results at home. Hazel is now sleeping through every night which is a huge improvement from the waking 3-5 times a night we had previously. She was a tired little girl and wasn't the happy toddler she should have been. We could not be more thankful to the patient, caring staff who always took time to talk to us and to help us. No amount of words will express my happiness that I have my happy girl back. Thank you for your kindness, support and care. We are a very happy, well rested little family. Phil, Celeste, Adelaide & Hazel,

Absolutely life-changing

We stayed at Tresillian Residential a few weeks ago and it was absolutely life-changing for us. My husband and I had been struggling with our newborn having great difficulty settling, and getting her to sleep. The staff were so patient and caring. They made us feel completely at home in the facility, it almost felt like a family when we were there. One nurse in particular, was absolutely incredible. The time and patience she had for myself and my husband, sitting with us while we asked thousands of questions, reassuring us when we tried to settle our bub was above and beyond. We left confident that we could survive life with a newborn. It was the most amazing experience. Thank you Tresillian. Melinda,

It already feels like you've saved our life

We did a residential stay at Canterbury last week, and I already feel like we've made the best decision we could ever make. We continued the techniques they showed us at home, and my son is now sleeping through the night with only one feed. I have so much more energy to play with my kids and to work in the office without falling asleep on my desk. Thank you so much Tresilian! It already feels like you've saved our life. Derya,

Above and beyond

Hi, I was discharged today from Nepean Residential Unit and would just like to write a letter of praise for one of your staff, Phil. During our stay, Phil went above and beyond in his interactions with us. He provided us with excellent advice that we were able to use with our daughter. During the night, he was easily found, waiting with a friendly smile that made you feel that everything would be okay. Please pass on our deepest thanks to Phil as we continue our journey! Fiona,

A big warm thank you

Just want to say a big warm thank you to the Tresillian angels for their reliable and down-to-earth advice, always delivered with warmth and care. Nicole,

Thank you for the support

I'm on to my second baby now and have needed sleep/settling help from Tresillian again. The tips are very helpful and the Live Advice app is great for the nights when I can't sit on the phone and talk to someone but am able to message in between settling bub. I've found the Tresillian nurses to be reassuring and helpful in pinpointing areas to improve on. Thank you so much Tresillian. We still have a way to go but reassuring knowing there is support available to me. Jasmin,

Great advice

I phoned the Parent’s Help Line at a time of complete despair after so much sleeplessness with my 10 month old baby. I hesitated even phoning because I thought I'd tried everything. The nurse took the time to understand exactly what was going on and offered very detailed advice and information. Everything she said made perfect sense. She has offered me some really practical starting points, and routine examples to suit our baby. Had I not spoken to the Nurse I can only imagine my night would have spiraled into another crying mess (both me and the baby). I really can't thank Tresillian enough. It is such an incredible service. Holly,

Peace of mind

I have used the Tresillian Outreach and Helpline services and found the nurses to be an excellent resource for parents. On all occasions I have been provided with useful and practical advice from Tresillian which has helped me to improve routine, sleep and feeding issues. Having a service like Tresillian provides parents with peace of mind that help is on hand. Karen,

One phone call changed my life!

I recently called the Tresillian Help Line to get some advice on how to deal with my 7 month old who had suddenly developed sleep issues. The nurse I spoke to was wonderful. She suggested that my baby's dummy could be the issue and even though I assured her it wasn't, I took her advice and removed the dummy from sleep times. It turned out the dummy was the key to ALL of my daughter's sleep issues! She had weaned herself off of the dummy and I just hadn't noticed. Within one week she was sleeping through the night and taking longer day naps. Thank you Tresillian!! Renee,

Already can see improvements

I attended the Tresillian day stay at Cantebury yesterday, and I wanted to say how wonderful I found the experience. I was quite nervous going in that I would be told I was doing everything wrong and that I would be forced to let my baby cry for the long periods. My experience was quite the opposite. The nurse (Jenny) gave me confidence that I was on the right track, and together we were able to put my baby to sleep with many fewer tears than usual! I've left with a plan that I'm confident will work and already can see improvements. So thank you!! Tamara,

I’d recommend Tresillian to every mother!

I stayed at Tresillian Residential recently and left with the skills I needed and a newfound confidence! The nurses were wonderful when it came to mealtime and getting baby to sleep. They went above and beyond to help me. I’d recommend Tresillian to every mother!!!! Thank you Tresillian for everything!!!! Lauren,

Huge thank you

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the guys at Tresillian in Nepean. We only checked out yesterday but already seeing huge positive changes. My little one is in bed asleep by 6.30 with one feed only last night 😊 She also did a 1.5 hr day nap with a very brief resettle this morning! 😀 going from 20-30min cat naps and multiple wakes through the night we are both feeling much better. Plus not having to rock or feed to sleep is much more relaxing for us both. My mental health is so much better plus a huge boost in confidence. Thanks so much. Love Katrina and Sofia x Katrina,

Lovely, warm and caring

I am a mum of two kids, son is 2.5yrs old and my daughter is 5 months. Time and time again, the amazing Tresillian Nurses have helped support me, provide me with information that has helped me so much since I became a mum. Each Tresillian nurse is so lovely, warm and caring- everything an anxious mum needs. They provide us with the much needed love, care and support from professionals. There have been many times where the nurses have helped me when I thought all hope was lost. Every time I get off the phone to them I feel reassured and I feel supported, everything a parent seeks when they question if they are "doing the right thing". I cannot thank them enough for everything they have helped me with. To be a nurse, you have to have a special heart to help others. Thank you so much for the love and support. You are all amazing!!!! Erica,

Our little one is much happier now she is getting more sleep!

I just wanted to thank Rosemary for her assistance over the phone on Monday. She offered some good strategies to help us settle our overtired 2 month old which have proved to be very successful. I just wanted Rosemary to know that they have worked and our little one is much happier now she is getting more sleep! thanks again! Avril,

Can't say thank you enough

I recently had a residential stay at your Nepean location and I just can't say thank you enough for all the help and support I received. I went into tresillian with a 3 1/2 month old baby girl who was a fussy feeder and needed to be rocked to sleep (everytime), would wake up as soon as transferred to cot and only having 30-45min max day naps to now a week on being able to be put straight into bed and finding sleep herself and sleeping for 2-3hrs! And feeding like a dream! My 2 year old is loving having all this time with mummy now Tamara,

Thank you!

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Tresillian Nepean for all of the help, support and guidance that I received whilst attending the 5 day residential block!! My 8.5 month old was waking every hr and would have minimal sleeps through the day and I was beyond exhausted! The staff listened and gave me strategies and support to teach my son to sleep and on the second night he slept for 9.5hrs straight!!! With 2 x 1.5hr sleeps thru the day!!!! Amazing!!!! Cannot thank you enough u have changed my life and well worth the ten hr drive to attend!!!! Michelle,

Our baby is sleeping at long last!

It has been a week from our stay at Tresillian and things are going well for our 10.5 month old baby. She is now sleeping in her cot and sleep times are now peaceful for her, my husband and myself. I now wait for her to wake up since I'm able to do more things while she's asleep!! From the call centre to the residential staff, everyone was very helpful, understanding to our needs and situation and patient. Thank you very much!!! Ysa Ysa,

Thank You Tresillian!!

As a first time mum, I had no idea how to look after a newborn baby. My husband and I were completely controlled by our 7 week old baby boy 24/7. He was crying constantly and waking up several times a night and we didn't know what to do. I was recommended to go to Tresillian for advice and it has been a life changing experience. I attended a day stay at Tresillian in Wollstonecraft. The Nurse was fantastic, she spent all day with me, teaching me techniques on how to settle my baby boy. She also taught me about baby’s cues so I can recognise when he is tired ready to sleep or happy and ready to play. With the new routine, he is now sleeping and feeding so much better than before and I am starting to enjoy motherhood. Melody,