Residential Stay

Tresillian’s Residential Programs operate at Tresillian Canterbury, Nepean and Willoughby. The residential service is a statewide 4-night, 5-day inpatient service for families in New South Wales, experiencing significant parenting challenges that require intensive intervention and strategies to promote family health and wellbeing.

A referral from a health professional such as your local Child and Family Health Nurse, your Family Doctor, or Paediatrician is essential. Most families in the metropolitan area will have attended a Day Stay at either Tresillian or their local Family Care Cottage or had a visit from our Outreach team, prior to admission. Where those services are not available (eg. in rural areas), families should contact their local health professional to discuss the option of referral.

The Tresillian team of child and family health nurses, psychologists, social workers, paediatricians and psychiatrists work in partnership with you to increase confidence; resolve concerns; and provide guidance and information on issues such as:

  • adjustment to parenting
  • breast or formula feeding
  • sleep and settling strategies
  • diet and nutrition
  • multiple babies
  • toddler behaviour
  • anxiety and postnatal depression


Age Range

Tresillian’s Residential Services caters for families with children in the following age groups:

  • Tresillian Canterbury and Willoughby – birth to 24 months
  • Tresillian Nepean – birth to 36 months


As Tresillian is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health, clinical services in the Residential Units are covered by Medicare or the family’s private health fund and parents pay a small accommodation and meals charge. 


What is a Residential Unit?

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